Week sixty one of Operation Graphite – theme: It belongs in a Museum.

I constantly day dream about everyday items we use, and what people in the future might think of them, if they were to dig them up five thousand years from now. How on the mark will they be? For all the speculation about ancient sites and artifacts that we uncover, how close are we? Was this figure a religious relic, was it a child toy, or was it a description of something they saw? If civilization were to end, and five thousand years from now, maybe a glass case in some young man’s home will be excavated. One might find rows and rows small human figures, made out of synthetic, high mass polymers. Some of these might have capes, some do not, and most have elaborate colorings or symbols. Will someone discover these, and believe that these figures are depictions of gods? Would they be wrong?

Contributing Relics.

Micah – Totem

Shock – DoguĀ Engineer

Thank you for digging.


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