Operation: Pie

Posted: 03/22/2013 in Operation After Action Report
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Week fifty seven of Operation Graphite – theme: Pie.

Why is it when you love something, you add human like traits to it? It’s one thing when we anthropomorphize our pets, but it’s really strange when we then take inanimate objects and force a fantasy of sentience on them. Cars, and devices we use daily, ones that tend to have an almost human temperaments make some sense. But consumables, to give a face to something you stuff in yours, that’s kinda weird. Do you think of an apple screaming as you maw chunks of its juicy flesh off? If it was once an animal, that’s one thing I guess. There’s something rather fascinating about the idea of food that would try to eat you.

Contributing Pie Chefs:

Alter Ink – Pie Monster

bruku – Bot Pie

Shock – Poisonberry Pie

Thank you for baking.


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