Operation: Danger in Space!

Posted: 02/22/2013 in Operation After Action Report
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Week fifty three of Operation Graphite – Theme: Danger in Space!

Ahoy Cadets! Before I tell you about the perils of space travel, let us remember the great heroes who are immortalized for their Eff-you attitude to the to the deadly vacuum beyond the quasi safety of our fragile biosphere. There is a proposed mission to Mars that would be a one way trip to space madness. Thats right, one way, with no plan to bring you back. Now, maybe after ten years, they might figure out a way to shoot you home, but the idea is they send you the the Red Planet with no return in mind. Denis Tito is proposing his own Mars Mission. This one is to have Elon Musk shoot a crew in his SpaceX, Dragon Capsule in a mission to fly by Mars. Sure, it sounds easier, no landing, no orbit. The down side, it’s 501 day trip with a crew of 7 trapped in a capsule the size of a Honda Element. Just imagine the smell that would waft out of the capsule upon arrival. 501 days of no showering and only sponge baths with recycled urine. Perhaps it’s best not to.

Contributing Space Dangers:

bruku – Necro & Xeno

Shock – Isis 5

Thank you for risking your life in Space.

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