Operation: Animal

Posted: 02/08/2013 in Operation After Action Report
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Week fifty one of Operation Graphite – theme: Animal.

Theres two ways we could go here; we could go cute ,or we could go bad ass. Before you say, no no, there are plenty more ways to draw animals. Let me just stop you there. There is only Cute, and Bad Ass. A majestic Stag standing on a cliff is bad ass. A three toed sloth doing, well, pretty much anything (or nothing) is cute. A school of shimmering fish is beautiful, and somehow falls in between cute and bad ass. Maybe not cuddly cute, and not terrified for your life Bad ass, but some how you know that your emotions are tugged between those two poles. The real challenge is be be cute AND bad ass. Pretty sure only bears (with fur) big cats, and foxes are able to pull that off. And lets be honest, the foxes are pretty damn cute. Sure they hunt and stuff, but any bad ass-itude is pretty much trumped by the cute factor. Wolves loose cute points once they mature for being too bad ass for their own good. Only after centuries of domestication did cuteness stay in any canine past the puppy stage. After that, the dog world just spirals into cute overload. I saw a picture of baby duck billed platypuses the other day, it almost made me pass out from over cuteness. I was able to retain my consiousness by the destracting knowledge that duck billed platypuses have a poisonous barb on their hind legs. So don’t go cuddling with a platypus, cause deep down they are kinda bad ass.

Contributing Animals:

bruku – Pigs

Shock – Little Elephant

Thank you for letting out your wild side.


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