Operation: Bicycle

Posted: 09/14/2012 in Operation After Action Report
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Week thirty two of Operation Graphite – theme: Bicycle.

The bicycle, mode of transportation, great way to exercise. And after the apocalypse, when the Great Humongous controls all the juice, we will still be able to petal ourselves around.

Week thirty two cyclists.

bruku – Trine Death Dealer

Shock – Bad idea from childhood #167

Thank you for riding.

  1. chookbruku says:

    I could have named my drawing same title as yours Shock. What was your #166?

  2. shockmomma says:

    Thank you for remembering the helmet

  3. Shock says:

    Bad idea #166 had to do with a snapping Turtle.

    I did remember a Helmet, but it was an Evel Knievel Helmet, and that tends to inspire lots of dangerous activity.

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