Week thirty one of Operation Graphite – Theme: D&D Character.

Now that we all have our characters created, it is time to start the quest.

You’re sitting in a tavern called, The Lusty Wench. A group of barbarians are sitting across the room. As they continue to drink they seem to bathe more in ale than actually drink it. One of them sees you (or maybe two of your) and gives an inebriated nod. Later, a bar maiden, who looks too young to even be in a bar, walks by with more full tankards of mead than even an orc could carry. She warns you not to get involved with that rowdy bunch of barbarians, and that they are absolute morons. Instead she points out a rather sketchy looking guy sitting alone at the bar as one who might be looking to hire. Finally the bartender hands you and your party your drinks. The bartender chuckles, as dose the rest of the patrons at The Lusty Wench, as he hands you a giant fruity drink, complete with tiny umbrella. As you try to shrug off the humiliation of your drink choice, you notice a sign posted on the back wall. Adventures wanted to reclaim the legendary lost city of Marzipan, stated the posting.  You thought the lost city of Marzipan was just a bedtime story. I have proof of the cities existence, continued the post, visit Horatio Burlap at Burlap Apothecary to inquire. You recall this is the same crazy apothecary who thinks he is being stalked by invisible carnivorous squirrels. What would you like to do?

Contributing Players:

b!@yne – Last Battle

bruku – Arric Xamot

Micah – Dupah Baboonbane Kabold

Shock – Kilgore Thunderclod

Thank you for joining our quest.

  1. Shock says:

    I wasn’t able to find any of my old AD&D 2nd Edition Characters, so I have no idea how accurate the THAC0 or Armor Class is, or what I am missing. Just trying to fill in the most that I could remember from character creation.

  2. Blayne says:

    Dump fruity drink on biggest Barbarians head. Roll Initiative.

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