Operation: Norse Mythology

Posted: 08/17/2012 in Operation After Action Report
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Week twenty eight of Operation Graphite – Theme: Norse Mythology.

Ah, Norse Mythology, where if you die fighting bravely in battle you spend your afterlife in Valhalla; fighting an endless battle for all eternity. Sounds kind of brutal to me. The PTSD cases in Valhalla must be through the roof. Where’s the religion turned Mythology where if you die gloriously in battle, your afterlife is a Caribbean island. An afterlife where you do nothing all day but sip fine ale and have your battle weary feet massaged.

Contributing Norsemen

bruku – The Children of Loki at Ragnarok

Micah – Odin

Shock – Wandering Odin

sweatywest – Njord

Thank for being worthy of Valhalla

  1. Shock says:

    Odin Battle!

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