Operation: Squire

Posted: 06/15/2012 in Operation After Action Report
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Week nineteen of Operation Graphite – Theme: Squire

The squires have all assembled in the court, and it appears that for each knight they serve, they fulfill a different role. Maybe later we’ll throw them all in the Circle of Death and watch ’em fight it out with each other, see who’s the victor. No, that would be cruel, and The Knights wouldn’t even be able to get back up on their saddle with out the aid of their squire. It’s surpassing how useless those knights are alone.

Week nineteen squires

b!@yne – Wacom Squire

bruku – Meerkat Squire

shawnbrookwilliams – Squire

Shock – Agyness Maibock

sweatywest – Hoshua Tripewine Son of Mermitt Tripewine, Scarlett Order Elder-Squire of House Lambrick

Thank you for protecting your knight, who is protecting the realm.

  1. Shock says:

    Agyness Maibock is requesting we change her credit. She doesn’t want to be called the Director’s assistant, she wants to be credited as your “Squire.”

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