Operation: Self Portrait

Posted: 06/08/2012 in Operation After Action Report
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Week Eighteen of Operation Graphite – Theme: Self Portrait

It’s nice to put a face to someones artwork, but a self portrait is rarely a mere physical description. Often there are hits to an artist’s personality and state of mind woven into the portrait. Sometimes those hints are less subtile, and an image can serve as a psychological window to the artist. Here are a few windows in to minds of the Graphite Corps.

Week Eighteen Self Portraits.








Thank you for depicting yourself.

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  2. Blayne, You are “awesome” but in the sketch you look a little frightened! But it totally looks like you!

    Chad that is a great style, those lines look loose, but also very intentional. You also stopped at the right time, each line is just enough. Love it! Sometimes it is so hard to stay loose.

    Micah – creepiest of the bunch easily! Coming out of the wood. Great use of subtle highlights.

    Slaughtenhauffen (*sic) you don’t look that old, but I love that you just photographed your sketch. Adds character!

    Shock, I love the sloping nose and hair in your eyes, It looks like you designed a comic strip character there!

    Fun week!

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