Week 13: Robots

Posted: 04/26/2012 in Operation Mission Briefing
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The theme selected for week thirteen will be Robots.


Robots are a real part of the world around us, but its in Science Fiction that they do way cooler things than just spot weld car frames and sweep the floor. But, science is catching up to the fiction at a frightening speed. In the future, will robots be friendly beeping companions, mindless servants, blood thirsty kill bots, or sexy gynoids in the uncanny valley? After the Singularity, will we have Terminators, or Wall E’s? For this post, we can include Androids, Gynoids, and Automatons to our definition of robots. However, cyborgs, and robitic suits are not allowed. Sorry, no Borg or Iron man, this time.

Please submit a drawing or painting, using traditional or digital media of your robot.

All art work is due on Thursday 5.3.12. Submissions will be published the following Friday 5.4.12.


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