Operation: Badass U.S. Presidents

Posted: 04/20/2012 in Operation After Action Report
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Week Eleven of Operation Graphite – Theme: Badass U.S. Presidents.

My Fellow Americans, here are just a few Badass presidents. Saddly we weren’t able to include, Zachary Taylor: Dinosaur Hunter, James K. Polk: Bare Knuckle Brawler, or James A. Garfield: The Litch King.

Week Eleven Contributors:

kalebschad – Warrior Lincoln

shawnbrookwilliams – Rutherford B Hayes

Shock – Teddy Vs. Bear

Thank you for working on the campaign.

  1. Shock says:


  2. […] Check out this sketch I did the United States’ 19th president Rutherford Birchard Hayes (O…. […]

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