Operation: Literary Character

Posted: 03/23/2012 in Operation After Action Report
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Week Seven of Operation Graphite – Theme: Literary Character

Alright, lots of great submissions this week.

Week Seven Contributors:

b!@yne  – Moby Dick

Dave – Mr. Hyde

kalebschad – Frankenstein‘s Monster

Micah – The Leanansidhe, from The Dresden Files by Jim Butcher

shawnbrookwilliams – Huckleberry Finn

Shock – Gurney Halleck from Dune

Sweatywest – Old Man Harold and the Purple Crayon

Thank you for reading.

  1. Shock says:

    As awesome as Patrick Stewart is, It is not at all how Gurney is described in Dune. Brian Blessed and a little bit of Brian Thompson and Oliver Reed were my inspirations for the look of this Dune Character who was described as “and ugly lump of a man.” The work didn’t turn out how I wanted, but I haven’t worked with color for a long time.

    Speaking of not what I imagined, I would have never pictured Woody Harrelson as Haymitch Abernathy when I read The Hunger Games.

  2. […] Again this week I contributed an illustration to the Operation Graphite blog. This weeks theme was literary figures. Link to the others works here. […]

  3. Kaleb Schad says:

    These are cool. I just don’t have time to do finished artwork, so mine are always the loosest pencils versus these fully fleshed color and detailed drawings. Hah.

    The Huckleberry Finn piece is awesome, Swa! Really like the camera angle. And the Moby Dick is funny. Shock, how did you settle on Duncan’s costume? I really like it. And I can’t believe Dave did a full painting! That’s wild.

    • Shock says:

      I wasn’t really putting much thought into Gurney’s dress uniform. I went a little too 19th Century British Empire. I like it to a degree, but I might want more sci-fi futurism incorporated in there.

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