Operation: Batman

Posted: 02/24/2012 in Operation After Action Report
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Week Three of Operation Graphite – Theme: Batman

Another strong week, and a few new members to the Corp.

AlanCheezy – I’m “The Terror”

b!@yne – Batman


Drafturgy – The Dark Knight

Kalebschad – Batman

Shawnbrookwilliams – Batman

Shock – Gordon

Sweatywest – (x2) Batman and also The Joker

Thanks for defending Gotham.

  1. sweatywest says:

    Disclaimer – I was tinkering with Sketchbook for the iPad. Mixed results

  2. Shock says:

    My girlfriend thought the Bat Signal was a bowl of ramen…

    Mmmmm… Bat Ramen.

  3. Kaleb Schad says:

    Shock, I like that you went totally unexpected with Gordon instead of Bats himself. And the perspective is awesome. Personally, I don’t see a bowl of ramen. Maybe you need to cook more for your girlfriend so she’s not hungry when she’s critiquing your work?

    Really like the perspective in Drafturgy’s Dark Knight, too. And nice nod to David in Blayne’s. Funny.

  4. AlanCheezy says:

    Nice work everyone. Definitely like the Gordon and noodle bowl batsignal hahahah!
    I was trying to go for a Frank Miller style, but it turned into a 5th grade drawing.
    I was torn between the B&W version and the color, but ultimately submitted the color.

    • Kaleb Schad says:

      AlanCheezy, I completely saw the Frank Miller style even in the thumbnail view before looking at anything else. So I wouldn’t say you didn’t capture that, at all. The pose and square face and sketchy look all worked.

      Was it dry media scanned and colored or all drawn in Photoshop/Sketchbook/Whatever?

      • AlanCheezy says:

        Thanks Kaleb! I did it all in photoshop. I’ve always liked a particular page in The Dark Knight Returns where they first show him fully in the Black and Grey suit. So I started my pose off with that expression. So I roughed it in with a thin paint brush with low opacity. Then, once all the rough sketches were good, I made a new layer and did my clean up.

        What medium do you use? I imagine it is a scan since I see that vanilla texture on your previous submissions. It looks very much like actual pencil. It looks great. I always have trouble with light sources in my pieces, but you seem to have a pretty good understanding.

      • Kaleb Schad says:

        I do everything in pencil in my Moleskin (hence the yellow). The Captain America piece I colored in PS and this week’s pulp cover I colored in PS, too, but I’ve never done that before. I’m wondering how people who scan their pencils in keep them from muddying the colors underneath when set to multiply? I know Joe Madureira (http://www.the-isb.com/?p=6543) does this a lot, but his colors still stay vibrant.

        For lighting, I just pick a single light source spot and then try and keep that in mind when rendering the figures. I mess it up a lot, but these are just sketches anyway. Thanks, though!

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