Operation: TMNT

Posted: 02/17/2012 in Operation After Action Report

Week two of Operation Graphite – Theme: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Going strong for the second week, and adding a new member bringing us from Magnificent Seven to Super Eight!

AlanCheezy  – (2 images… we’ll let it slide this time.) Foot, and Leo


Drafturgy – Redbunny Ice cream

kalebschad (and Corwin) – Leo and Shredder

Micah – Splinter

shawnbrookwilliams – TMNT

Shock – Adolescent Evolved Shaolin Terrapin

Sweatywest – I Like Turtles

Thank you all for contributing.

  1. sweatywest says:

    Whoa, Evaun. 13 year old me thanks you.

  2. Shock says:

    Want Splinter t-shirt

  3. AlanCheezy says:

    Awesome work everyone! Love seeing the various styles!

  4. Splinter is awesome!!

    I like the April one too, but one thing someone told me once about women’s faces, the more lines you put on their face (hatching, shadow, smile lines, wrinkles) whatever they may be – the older they look.

    • Jacob says:

      I may be a little biased, but as awesome as all of these are, the one done by Corwin is clearly the best here. Kaleb, thank you for bringing this awesomeness my attention.

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