Week one-thirty-seven of Operation Graphite – theme: Spider-man.

Spider-man is both delightful, and frustrating, to draw. It is a character whose mastery is more academic than others, for every pose requires a level of dynamicity far beyond the others. Poor Spidey is stretched, crumpled, and contorted into position after position. The weight and pull of G-forces tear at his body as we swings thought the air. Preforming acrobatics only a mutant could achieve he is always depicted flipping, jumping, or crouched and ready to strike. It is that dynamic quality that keeps him a favorite subject.

Daily Bugle Photograph Submissions:

Sethomatik – Spidey

shawnbrookwilliams – Spider-man

Shock – Web-slingger

Thank you for contributing.

The theme selected for week one-thirty-eight of Operation Graphite will be: Agincourt.


In four days short a fortnight be the feast of St. Crispin. That it lands in the month of macabre is rightly so, for once a grave horror befell la francophonie. To be tasset deep in muck and scum whilst a hail of English arrows blot out the sun, those poor armored chevaliers, more trapped than guarded, suffered woe and vicious routing by a meager band of brothers. For it if was not for the bloody slaying of these twins in Gaul, a feast there would be not, and if not for a bard, this condemned holiday would long ago have faded. That the bloody battle of Agincourt landed on this day for slain martyrs keeps both memories steadfast.

Please submit any drawing or painting, using traditional or digital media, that fits the theme: Agincourt.

All art work is due on Thursday, 10.23.14 Submissions will be published the following Friday, 10.24.14

Week one-thirty-six of Operation Graphite – theme: John Carpenter Films.

Shock - all out of bubble gum

Horror films are usually playing around the clock this time of year, and so many of the modern films owe something to the work of John Carpenter. Halloween, is often thought of as the first slasher film, but it is actually a lesser known film, Black Christmas, that was the first true Slasher film. Believe it or not, that film was directed by the same guy who did, A Christmas Story. That’s almost as strange as the fact that George Miller, director of the original Mad Max movies, also directed Happy Feet and Babe. Carpenter was still a master of horror, and while he excelled at that genre, he also directed some great action movies too, and that one sci-fi, romantic, road trip movie staring The Dude that inspired me to visit Berringer Crater when I was traveling cross country. That one was pretty cool too.

Shock – …and I’m all out of bubblegum.

The theme selected for week one-seventy-three of Operation Graphite will be: Spider-man.

Evan Doc Shaner.

Greetings true believers! Prepare to be dazzled and amazed by the spectacular, the sensational, web slinging Spider-man. This next, action packed week, we will follow the only superhero with a hyphen. Whether you prefer Peter Parker or Miles Morales, this week is all about your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. And what character better fits in with the other creepy crawlies in this macabre month, not only our arachnid, Spidey, but also his entire catalog of frightening villains.

Congratulations if you read that entire thing with Stan Lee’s voice in your head.

Please submit any drawing or painting, using traditional or digital media, that fits the theme: Spider-Man.

All art work is due on Thursday, 10.16.14 Submissions will be published the following Friday, 10.17.14

Spiderman lineup by Evan “Doc” Shaner.


Week one-thirty-five of Operation Graphite – theme: Monster.

Shock - Lamprey Spider

We imagine monsters as grotesque abominations, as hideous beasts, but sometimes the truly monstrous hides behind a facade of charm and beauty. The ugliest creatures hide in the deepest depths of the ocean, away from the repulsion of the land walkers, but are they truly the things we should fear? Is it required that a monster be some chimera that only Bellerophon could contend with, or could the real monsters be something much different?

Shock – Lamprey Spider

The theme selected for week one-thirty-six of Operation Graphite will be: John Carpenter Films.


Diving right in the Month of Macabre, it seemed like a good time to explore another director’s filmography. John Carpenter has made some great action and sci-fi films, but also some of the most iconic horror movies in cinema.  So iconic, his are some of the most remade film properties today. What is your favorite John Carpenter film?

Please submit any drawing or painting, using traditional or digital media, that fits the theme: John Carpenter Films.

All art work is due on Thursday, 10.9.14 Submissions will be published the following Friday, 10.10.14

Week one-thirty-four of Operation Graphite – theme: Fantastic Four.

There was a time when the Fantastic Four was kind of revolutionary in the comic world. Back in the Silver age of comics, most superhero teams were pretty banal. The teams always got along, using each ones unique powers to thwart their enemies devious plans. The Fantastic Four were a the dysfunctional family. Modern incarnations of, the Avengers, and other super hero teams has taken a lot of cues from chaotic dynamic that the Fantastic Four innovated. It was funny that around the time the last two horrible Fantastic Four movies came out, there was The Incredibles, which was very much inspires by the FF, buy a far superior film. This new one, Who knows, but it is being directed by the guy who did Chronicle, and that was pretty awesome.

Fantastic Contributors:

sethomatic  – The Thing

Shock – John Saxon, would have made an absolutely perfect Reed Richards Circa 1973.

The theme selected for week one-thirty-five of Operation Graphite will be: Monster.


October, Shocktober, Rocktober or whichever annoying “tober” you prefer is nearly here. The month of Halloween is usually dedicated to the scary, spooky and macabre, I’d like to also make it about darkness, inky, black darkness. Illustrator, Jake Parker started something a few years ago called, Inktober. While I won’t be able to keep up with a new ink drawing every day in October, I do think it’s a great inspiration to experiment with inking. The official theme is Monster, a lose topic allowing lots possibilities. Hopefully you can incorporate #inktober in your monstrosity.

Please submit any drawing or painting, using traditional or digital media, that fits the theme: Monster.

All art work is due on Thursday, 10.2.14 Submissions will be published the following Friday, 10.3.14

Example art by, Jake Parker, from last year’s Inktober.

Week one-thirty-three of Operation Graphite – theme: Nocturnal.

Shock - Civet

The distinction between nocturnal and diurnal is just one of many animal classifications. While the balance between the two may not be equal, it really isn’t quite a black or white, yes or no characteristic. The night itself has so much weight psychologically, and what ever creeps, hunts or feeds at night instantly conjures ideas of sinister creatures. Even if the cute and cuddly fauna prefer the night life, they often seem sneaky or deceitful. But, this is just anthropomorphizing these creatures, in reality, they do what they have to do to survive. Maybe they are creeped out by the creatures that are out during the hours of the bright, burning sun?

Shock – Civet

The theme selected for week one-thirty-four of Operation Graphite will be: Fantastic Four.

Fantastic Four corman

There is Fantastic Four reboot in the works, not really for any other reason than to prevent Marvel Studios from getting the feature rights to that franchise back. The last two movies were pretty lack luster, and perhaps this new one could hit it out of the park. Fox, certainly has been doing a better job with the X-men films lately, so there is some hope. The real issue is, does anyone really care about the Fantastic Four? I think most people would rather see Marvel get the rights back so, Dr. Doom (who is part of the FF deal) can fight the Avengers, rather than see the Fantastic Four on screen again.

Please submit any drawing or painting, using traditional or digital media, that fits the theme: Fantastic Four.

All art work is due on Thursday, 9.25.14 Submissions will be published the following Friday, 9.26.14